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FAMILIA AUSTRIA wants to collect useful information for ancestors and family history buffs and researchers in the area of ​​the old monarchy and make the long term.
This applies to basic texts on the genealogy and history as well, such as information about family tree programs, lists of the addresses of relevant archives and libraries, references to the addresses of other researchers, companies, etc. genealogical
This includes the search and retrieval has not yet known archives and research facilities as well as tracking, collecting, describing and commenting genealogically relevant websites with the focus on Pages that contain personal information.

FAMILIA AUSTRIA wants to collect the work results of ancestors and family researchers in the area of ​​the old monarchy, organize, recycle, secure in the long term and make it accessible to other researchers.
This relates primarily been developed pedigrees and family histories, but of course all beyond this useful information.

FAMILIA AUSTRIA wants to work on a volunteer basis with united forces of members and staff knowledge in the fields of genealogy and history.
This applies to the preparation of documentation, scientific work as well, such as the creation and filling of databases on genealogy. Also relevant to the organization of lectures, symposia, research travel, etc. is intended.

FAMILIA AUSTRIA aims to bring together researchers ancestors and family as well as local history and historians in the field of the old monarchy, they are always on hand to help them through the creation of information networks work.
This includes the networking and support of existing initiatives such as the organization of new genealogical round tables and the contact between individual researchers.

FAMILIA AUSTRIA seeks to represent the interests of the ancestors and family researcher in the area of ​​the old Danube monarchy to government and other private institutions.
This means, for example, advocating for longer opening times as well as advocacy against fees and nonsensical Archive Archive provisions for opening and currently inaccessible archives. This also implies the participation in discussions on legal framework conditions and the information about black sheep in the industry.